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Impatient Driver Ends McDougald's Season Early -

Tacoma, Washington –

6-27-11 – For "Terrible" Tim McDougald, driver of the #68 KMB Design / Hargis Engineers / Print-NW / Cornwell Tools / Ringers Gloves Toyota Camry, the 2011 season came to an abrupt end Saturday night at Evergreen Speedway as a fellow competitor caused a wreck that would destroy McDougald's car, and his season.

After starting the first of the Twin-50 Main Events from the back of the field, McDougald spent the race keeping his car out of trouble, staying out of the leader's way and trying to earn some respect from his fellow drivers. Problems with the car added to a rough first race, but "Terrible" Tim would keep pushing to make it to his first checkered flag of the year. "We had some problems in the first race. The car was really tight, I mean really tight," said "McDougald. "And then the rack came loose, so it was moving around under there. Instead of the wheels turning, the rack was moving. So you had to put a lot more wheel into it. Then somewhere in there my radio died so I had no spotter for the second half of the race. I just picked a lane and stayed there and let them go around me. It worked out."

Back in the pits, the crew went to work on the car to get it ready for the second Main Event, another 50 lap run. McDougald was listed starting on the front row but chose to go to the back instead. "I just didn't feel like we belonged up there," said McDougald. "I hoped the other drivers would appreciate me getting out of the way, we weren't that fast and I felt like we could cause a wreck pretty quick if I stayed there. I'd rather let them race for it and come back when I'm better prepared. There should be other opportunities for me to be up there when I'm faster."

Again, starting in the back, "Terrible" Tim spent most of the race keeping his #68 KMB Design / Hargis Engineers / Print-NW / Cornwell Tools / Ringers Gloves Toyota Camry out of trouble and letting the leaders have the lane. But all that would come to an end with only 3 laps to go as another driver forced the issue while lapping McDougald, causing a multiple car spin that would destroy two of the cars involved, McDougald's being one of them. "I don't know what happened there. Fred Hall, in the 6 car, just straight up wrecked us," said McDougald. "I've never seen anything like that. I had left the high side all day; my spotter was telling me 'the 20 is outside, the 6 is coming with him' and then all of a sudden the 6 was in my driver's door. I don't know what he was thinking. I ran down the straight in the low groove the whole way, I set it in on the bottom going into turn one and he just launched off the 3/8 and landed in my door. From there it was all over, there was nothing you could do. I hate it for Andy, in the 20 car, he had a great day going and we took him with us since he was on our outside. I just can't believe Fred would drive like that. I was nice to him all day, leaving him a line, and he paid me back by destroying my car. He really showed me what kind of person he is right there."

Back at the shop, the small family team was able to get a better look at the damage. "The rear clip is destroyed," said McDougald. "A lot of body work, all the rear trailing arms, fuel cell, it's all junk. It got the front clip too, bent a bunch of stuff up there, a-arms, spindles, and broke a rotor in half, just a huge list of broken, bent stuff. Unfortunately, we run on a pretty shoestring budget. I mean, we really run on a small budget. We just don't have the money to fix all this. It took me 3 years to build this car; to rebuild it will probably take as long. That's just the way our budget is. It's a shame because I really felt like I might have found a home at Evergreen Speedway. There are so many of my fellow racers who have really welcomed me into their circle. That's something I've been missing for a long time. It's a shame really, just a shame."

With the damage to the #68 KMB Design / Hargis Engineers / Print-NW / Cornwell Tools / Ringers Gloves Toyota Camry so extensive, the team will start to rebuild. But time will only tell when "Terrible" Tim will climb behind the wheel again.

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