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HayWire Racing Look For "Fair" Run -

Tacoma, Washington –

8-28-2012 – HayWire Motorsports will be joining the competition again at Evergreen Speedway during the Evergreen State Fair, bringing both the #92 Mo-Dane Trucking / RPM Sales & Service / Vital Signs Chevrolet Impala driven by Tommy Rasmussen as well as the #68 KMB Design / Hargis Engineers / Print-NW / Cornwell Tools / Ringers Gloves Toyota Camry driven by "Terrible" Tim McDougald.

After sitting on the sidelines for the last few weeks, Tommy Rasmussen is anxious to get back to the action. His season took a big blow when the team started losing the engine in his #92 Mo-Dane Trucking / RPM Sales & Service / Vital Signs Chevrolet Impala during the Summer Showdown several weeks earlier. Rasmussen chose to park the car before fully losing the engine, which meant that he would not make the Main Event of one of the marquee events at his home track, a decision that was very tough for him to make. In the end, it proved to be the right one, as the team was able to save the engine before things got very expensive. Rasmussen will be looking to rejoin the competition and pick up where he left off, with another solid run and strong finish.

"Terrible" Tim McDougald's season has been anything but "normal". After 2011 proved to be the most trying season in his career, McDougald came to the speedway for the opening race of 2012 looking to just get back to the basics. The goal was to use the race as a test session to find something that would work as a baseline setup. After a dozen pit stops for adjustments throughout the race, things would go from bad to worse as McDougald found himself in the wall before the race would end. The damage to the car was enough to put "Terrible" Tim on the bench for the rest of the season. But after a lot of hard work, the team finally put the car back together in time for the coming race during the Evergreen State Fair, an event McDougald enjoys running due to the large crowds on hand. Still looking for that elusive baseline, McDougald will be simply looking to find the checkered flag at the end of this one, a much simplified goal than he has had in past seasons but one that hasn't been so simple for him recently.

Fielding two cars has proven difficult for the small family run team earlier in the season, but they look forward to the challenge again. With a limited number of resources and help, putting two cars on the track together proves to be a logistical nightmare for the Graham based team made up of a Father, Mother, two brothers and a couple friends. Just finding enough people to fill all the rolls the team needs is one of the biggest challenges. "We struggle just to fill all the rolls you have," said "Terrible" Tim McDougald. "Most teams just put a single car on the track and they have crews of like 8 or 10 guys. We have about 5 or 6 of us, including our two drivers. So when you try to find a spotter for each car, at some point you need guys in the pits to work on the car, each car really needs its own 'crew chief', now split that up between two cars. It's a big deal just to fill all the rolls. Dad tries to crew chief both cars, that's a huge task just to keep track of all the moving pieces. When you put a spotter up in the stand, that removes him from the pits so he isn't an option to come work on it when something needs adjusted or fixed. It's a big disadvantage. Most the time we end up with one crew chief for both cars and one or two pit guys who have to work on both cars and then the spotter situation becomes 'who can we get this week?' But we love going to the track as a family, and we do it because it's what our family does. Some families go fishing, we go racing. It's in our blood."

With a hefty task ahead of them, HayWire Motorsports will come to Evergreen Speedway during the Evergreen State Fair looking for a solid outing as they put both cars back in the action. Don't miss all the action as the small family team returns to their home track after a long absence.

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