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HWR Ready To Roll For NASCAR Weekend -

Tacoma, Washington –

August 13th, 2014 – Both the #92 Mo-Dane Trucking / RPM Sales & Service / Vital Signs Chevrolet Impala driven by Tommy Rasmussen as well as the #68 Mo-Dane Trucking / Clevenger Associates / Rev-Equip / Ringers Gloves Toyota Camry driven by "Terrible" Tim McDougald are ready to roll for the “NASCAR Weekend” at Evergreen Speedway, this Saturday, August 16th.

With the NASCAR K&N West series coming to town, this event is always a big deal. So the small family run team based out of Tacoma, Washington has put all their efforts into preparing both team cars for the 100 lap event to take place on the big 5/8ths mile oval in Monroe, Washington. “We had planned on getting both cars to the track for this one,” said “McDougald. “Sometimes it doesn’t work out quite right, things can happen ahead of this in other races that put you in an unfavorable situation. But luckily the timing came together for this one and we’ve got both cars ready to roll.”

Those “things” McDougald eluded to can come in the form of wrecked racecars, or blown engines. Both of these are things the team has experienced in past seasons. ”When you pencil out your schedule at the beginning of the year, you can’t foresee some things,” said “Terrible” Tim. “Last year we missed the Showdown due to a blown engine. Year before that, we missed it due to a bad wreck. You just never know. I try to protect my car in the races leading up to the big ones because of those things happening in the past. This year we lost an engine in both my car and Tommy’s. That put us in a pinch for sure. But it all worked out at the right time for both of us, and here we are ready to go.”

With only a handful of races left on the calendar, the team is looking forward to getting back to the track for this one. “It’s been a tough season for me personally,” said McDougald. “For the past three seasons I’ve been sidelined with one problem or another and haven’t gotten to run a complete season. Tommy has had his share of problems this year too, but for me it’s been a lot more. I think I’ve only ran about seven or eight races in the past three season combined. Hard to gain anything like that. And this may be my final race this year too. There’s only a couple races left after this one, but money is tight so I may park mine as soon as we’re done here. I’m not sure what Tommy’s plan is. He’s run quite a bit more than me each season, so I’d expect him to make those last couple.”

With the big NASCAR stars coming to town, this is one event you don’t want to miss. Be sure to head to Evergreen Speedway on August 16th for two great races!

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