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McDougald Gearing Up For 2016

Tacoma, Washington –

            1-27-2016 – Preparations are well under way for the 2016 Evergreen Speedway racing season as “Terrible” Tim McDougald is in the midst of construction on a new #68 Mo-Dane Trucking / Clevenger Associates / Ringers Gloves Toyota Camry.


McDougald is looking to debut this new ride at the season opener alongside his teammate and brother Tommy Rasmussen, who will also be debuting his new ride. "We've got our work cut out for us, for sure" said McDougald. "We spent a lot of time last winter building our last car. I was proud to have it featured in Late Model Racer magazine in the 'Ultimate Budget Racer' article. We felt like we built a solid piece there, but we're always looking for ways to make things better."


McDougald found another great deal in the form of a crashed car from fellow competitor Tyler Baker after Baker ended his season with the car hard in the wall, destroying the rear clip. "I knew the car needed some work before we got it" said McDougald. "But we're not afraid of putting in some work. Anyone can pull out a catalog and order up the latest, greatest parts. All that takes is money. We don't have that luxury, so we put our heads down and we go to work. We knew the front clip was outdated. But the front clip on the car we had was perfect. So we laid out a plan to cut that clip off of the current car, weld it on this new chassis and then build a rear clip on this new chassis. We felt like when we were finished we would have a much better piece and that is starting to come to fruition now. Everyone is super jazzed about it, we can't wait to see it finished."


McDougald pulled some more of his buy/sell/trade magic on this new chassis, similar to the last one, reducing the financial impact even more. "Yea, we did some trading to get this thing" Tim said. "The last car we sold a lot of the parts we didn't need; the front clip, the body. In the end we were into that chassis about $150 when it was all said and done. This one we managed to sell that older front clip off of it and we sold the old chassis as well. By the time we were done we had recouped the money we spent getting this new one, so thus far it's a wash. We're in this new one for zero dollars out of pocket. I can dig that."


Looking forward to the 2016 schedule, "Terrible" Tim has marked the full schedule on his tentative plans. "I'm not sure that was the original plan" said McDougald. "And it's still depending on funding, so we'll call it tentative for sure. But I saw that Tommy (his teammate and brother) had marked down the full season, and I think Donny (the 3rd HWR car) was planning on running his car for the full season too. With the way the schedule worked out, Donny's Street Stock would be at the track on the same days as the Super Late Models. So it just means we convoy all three cars to the track. If one car is going, why not take them all?"


Be sure to join the HayWire Racing team as they take on the competition at Evergreen Speedway during the 2016 racing season.

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